Short Story Of The Journey

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Jason took a deep breath and leaped off the plane after his brother Grant. They soared downwards slicing through the air and a brisk pace. “THIS IS AWESOME!” shouted Grant. “I KNOW” Jason replied “GOOD THING MOM ISNT HERE SHE WOULD KILL US!” The skydiving brothers continued their descent to the landing zone a small coconut island where they would be picked up by the pilot and flown back home before their parents would arrive back in town. Jason looked to his right and saw something that astonished him. Another island, a good deal bigger than the one they were headed toward. What stood out was a large column of smoke that was rising up into the infinite blue sky. “LOOK” shouted Jason. “I THOUGHT THE PILOT SAID THESE ISLANDS WERE DESERTED” replied Grant. “I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE?” shouted Jason over the choppy wind. “WE ARE NOT GONNA FIND OUT”. Grant said “LETS DEPLOY!” Jason and his brother yanked their parachute cords but Jason’s didn’t deploy. He pulled again and again but to no avail. “HELP ITS NOT WORKING!” Grant (who’s parachute deployed just fine) turned his parachute and grabbed Jason before he could fall down any lower. “Got ya” Grant said as he held Jason in his arms. However the parachute was built only to carry the weight of one man. So the two of them made the parachute descend at a rate high above the recommended landing speed. “HANG ON WE ARE GOIN IN!” Shouted Grant. Then darkness. Jason opened his eyes and saw above him his brother’s red and green parachute stranded up in the canopy of palm trees. “What island are we on?” Jason wondered standing up. “Where is Grant?” he thought. “GRANT!” Jason shouted looking around for any sign of his brother. As he searched Jason noticed how beautiful the island was with its flowers and palm trees. Birds sang in the trees, bees buzzed harmlessly around, the palm trees danced gently in the light breeze and the flowers bloomed with their gorgeous colors. Jason put all of this aside as he was searching for his brother. Then Jason heard a gunshot and then another and another. It sounded like popcorn heating up in the microwave. Then he heard voices shouting and laughing. Jason ducked down and moved toward a heavily bushed area for the voices were not to far away. Jason lay down in the bushes in a position so that he could see where the voices were coming from. He heard footsteps and more voices coming nearer to him. Then two men appeared. One was tall and strong and was armed with a machine gun and a knife on his belt. The other was an older man who was blindfolded and whimpering in a language that Jason could not understand. The armed man kicked in the knees of the other man and pointed his gun at his forehead. Jason froze with fear. He watched as the tall man pulled the trigger without hesitation. Jason covered his mouth to hold back his yelp of fear. The tall man walked away back to where he came from. Jason breathed a sigh of relief and got up from the bush. “I got to find Grant and get off of here!” Jason said to himself. “Maybe they have Grant” thought Jason. “ I should follow that tall guy back to his buddies and see if they have him”. Jason stayed low and headed in the direction of the tall man. It wasn’t long before he caught up with the tall man who was just entering an open space, which looked like a base camp. Jason stayed behind the foliage and trees and desperately scanned the camp for his brother. His eyes came across a group cages made of bamboo. Inside the cages all sorts of animals that one might find on an island. There were monkeys, huge komodo dragons, and also a tiger. Then Jason’s heart skipped a beat as he saw his brother in one of the cages. He looked badly beat but he was still alive. “How can I possibly get him out of there”. Jason thought. As he was thinking one of the bandits walked over to the cage and grabbed Grant. He dragged him out to the middle of the camp. All the other men gathered around in a circle. Jason stiffened with fear. Then one