Smart: Best Buy and Androids Essay

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Cody Sinkovics
September 11, 2011
English 101 iPhones vs. Androids

Androids, iPhones who doesn’t have one, in today’s world there’s so much to do with all these new phones it’s pretty much essential to have one. Whether you just trying to have fun or find your way across the world these phones has so many apps and features that make these phones more than phones. Since these phones are alike but different in many ways it leads to the question which is better?
Androids, if you don’t have an iPhone then you probably have one of these. Androids were introduced in 2007 and since then they have made a long lasting impression. With androids there are various amount of types out there, you have your Droids, Evo’s, Ally’s, and Nexus. There are only a few things that are different about these phones which are screen size, faster processors, operating systems, different models, etc... Features the Androids have that the iPhone don’t are things such as alternate keyboards, widgets, and removable storage. Alternate keyboards help because you can text faster and text in a different language. Next, the widgets help because you can multitask through apps without closing one. Finally, the removable storage might be the most useful thing on an android, iPhones come in set different sizes with Androids you can use different size memory cards making storage on the android pretty much endless. iPhones, your replacement for an mp3 player, your social gate to everything, and your way to have a face to face conversation. Features for the iPhone come a dime a dozen, there’s so many things that the iPhone can do that Androids can’t. An iPhone is probably the best buy if you’re trying to look for a phone to do the basic essentials and listen to music. Not only is the retina display better it also allows you to record and edit HD videos straight from your iPhone. The best feature on the iPhone is probably the face time. What face time does is let you see who you talking to whether you’re all the way in japan and your significant other are in Hawaii it allows you access to see the person catching every facial expression or