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So what do I like he asks. I think what everyone wants. That deep erotic feeling that just takes over your entire mind body and soul. The feeling that comes within the depths of your that needs to feel it again over and over like an addiction but a good kind. The touch of lips and slight breathe that ever so slightly touches the back of your neck and sends erotic sensations down through your spine and immediately makes you wet with excitement. The need to feel hands grabbing you squeezing your body pulling you closer and closer. Your body pulsates with excitement knowing the feeling of unbelievable pleasure of being inside is soon to happen and when it does you don't want it to stop. The sheets, bodies, hair are soaked with sweat and just when you think you are physically done your libido kicks in high gear becaue you don't want it to be over and you don't want to stop. You could be in that room for days on end and not have a care in the world or care if the world is crashing around you feel or want to feel is being in that moment and not wanting to let go of it.

Dancing on a crowded dance floor but not even noticing anyone or anything because the movements on the floor are so erotic and intense. Dancing in rain storm feeling the hard drops of the rain all over your naked body turning you on even more feeling that raw animal instinct in the wild to keep going.

The excitement of being around people who have no clue what is going on or that you are hard as rock