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My Social Groups and Social Changes

Tanya C Waller

University of Phoenix

My Social Group and Social Changes

Social groups are a number of individuals who gather together to share social relations, interaction, and identify with each other. Social change is reconstructing the way an individual socialize, whether in a group setting or individual setting. Social change can come along for a number of different reasons for instance, economics, resources, ideas, demographics, and desires. Social groups social changes are inevitable, social change are bound to take place anytime a social group comes together. This paper will give you information about two social groups I am a member of, and how these two social groups affects my personal life and my professional life. It will also explain the role of each group, and the social functions they both support or promote. Clarification is given of if these groups are primary or secondary groups. The first social group mentioned in this paper is my religious social group. My religious social group has impacted my personal life tremendously. This group has taught me numerous of ways to think about situations, it has taught me that it is not all (everything is) about me. It has taught me to forgive quickly and to judge slowly in all life circumstances, and that dealing with people is not always easy. Everything that I have adapted from my religious social group, I have taken these values with me into my personal life. Being part of this social group has been a blessing to me and others I have had the pleasure of being in contact with. I am able to encourage individuals. The role of my religious social group is to help others to come into covenant with GOD, (and) to encourage individuals to live as closely as they can to the Holy Bible. In this social group we go by both testaments in the Bbible Old and New Testament, because we believe that if it is in that book then that is what we abide by. My religious social group promotes that there is one GOD, and that is JESUS CHRIST. We do not believe in three gods, which is the trinity, we do believe that all individuals must repent, be baptize in the name of JESUS CHRIST for the remission of sins (Holy Bible,2000 BC King James Version). Some social function that my religious social group promotes is weekly bible studies, where everyone is welcome. At this function we study and hear the word of GOD God that is from the Hholy Bbible. We try to retain as much information we can, so that the information may be beneficial to individuals who may not know what the word of GOD God says. We have an annual conference(,) which is Alabama Revival Conference(,) where people come from mostly the surrounding cities and states and have a fun time worshipping GOD God with music and clapping and shouting out to GOD. When clarifying this social group, it is (a) primary and secondary group. Primary because based upon this social group characteristics’, my church itself is small, and we are like family because we share personal, close, and enduring relationships. The rock of this group being primary is the close relationships themselves rather than just achieving a purpose, even though our purpose is more important than anything in this social group. This social group is secondary because we all come together to accomplish a specific purpose and that is to help each spread the word of GOD God. The social group mentioned in this last paragraph stems from a very familiar social group. This social group has been around for thousands of years. It just so happens to be my family social group. A family social group is a group made up of individuals, which are blood related, and even legally tied. Being part of my family social group is a major source in my life today, and there are valuable lessons learned, being part of this social group. The role that my family social group plays in my life is that this social group taught me the