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Chapter 14: Case Study Two

Binge eating is an uncontrolled compulsive eating disorder. Individuals, who suffer from binge eating usually, consume, abnormally large amounts of food, quickly. The condition causes sufferers to eat until they are painfully full. Binge eating has been around for a while. The frequency is on the rise thanks to our culture's obsession with being thin, which is a direct conflict to our love of high-fat junk food. For this case study, Gina is looking for a more precise understanding on what binge eating is. Therefore, I will begin by explaining what causes a binge eating disorder, next, the complications that go along with it, and lastly how can one be helped to defeat this disorder. First, what causes someone to overindulge to the point of binge eating? Although there are no direct causes of binge eating, researches begin by looking into one’s mental health to see if there’s any common denominator between cases. According to Weight-Control Informational Network, a credible service from the National Institute of Health, experimenters have found that depression could be that link. Since half of the people studied with a binge eating disorder have confessed of having or have had depression at some point in their lives, it is possible that depression could be linked to binge eating in some way. Other studies from Weight-Control Informational Network, or WIN, have suggested that people with certain behavior and emotional problems could possibly be binge eaters. Their actions may include impulsive behavior, alcohol abuse, isolation, and not being confrontational about their feeling or actions. In Gina’s situation, some of the girls on her team may be feeling some of these symptoms. According to Kathleen Berger, writer of The Developing Person Through the Life Span, suggests that girls in their teens begin to have self-esteem problems leading to drastic measures on themselves or on other people. This applies directly to Gina because that is right in her cohort. Next, another important element that Gina should know are the complications that go along with having a binge eating disorder. The first thing to know is that people with a binge-eating problem are usually upset, says WIN. They are hurting their bodies internally and are exhibiting the pain externally. This alone can make them feel more depressed than they already are. With that said, this disorder will make an individual display more troubled actions and behavior, for example, more health problems, stress, insomnia, and suicidal thoughts. However, this disorder does not only take a toll on an individuals mental health, but also on their physical health including muscle and joint pain, digestive unsteadiness, migraines, and menstrual complications. With everything that’s going on with them inside and out, taking notice to these problems become clearer as time passes. Although, other than acting out rashly, some individuals can be very good at hiding it because they feel ashamed. At that point, the only way for them to get help is to seek it for themselves. Lastly, someone with a binge eating disorder can be helped. The hardest part is admitting that they have a problem. A