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3 Oct. 2013
Welcome to Buddypages your ultimate social networking site. With your new Buddypages account you will be able to chat over the web, post pictures and videos, live video chat, and play games with our other buddypage members. While we encourage our buddypage members to express themselves freely over the web there are a few regulations and guidelines all buddypage members must follow in order to protect the integrity of the website. The following actions are prohibited on our site.
1.) Vulgar and pornographic images are not allowed on this site. Here at buddy pages we aspire to make our site safe and family friendly. Since buddypages does not require their members to be over 18 years of age posting any pornographic image is the same as supplying porn to a minor, which in some states is punishable by law. 2.) Buddypages has strict zero tolerance policy against violence and threats. This includes any postings that insinuate violence towards others and postings that organize acts of real world violence. Safety is our number one concern therefore; any violent or threating language will be taken seriously.

3.) Bullying is strictly prohibited. We engourage users to speak freely about matters and issues, however any slanderous remarks directed towards individual users is forbidden. This is to ensure that buddy pages remain a safe and fun place for all users. Our buddypage officials are constantly monitoring these rules and regulations. Violation of any of these laws will result in immediate deactivation of your buddypage. Thank you and enjoy your buddypage account.

When I created the rules for buddypages there was one question that replayed in my mind. What is it that I look for in a social media website? I certainty don’t sign into Facebook to be bombarded with crude photos, be threatened, or get bullied. When I took that into consideration it was very clear to me that in order to make a social media website that is enjoyable for the majority of its users, restrictions on free speech must be made. The first rule I made which was no pornographic images was a must for several reasons. First of all, there are countless websites where people can go to see that type of material. My social media website is not intended to be one of those websites. Secondly, I wanted to create a site that would be used by people of all ages. The majority of parents do not want their children to ever use sites that display pornography and the law forbids it. Therefore, if I were to allow pornography I would be limiting my users to people who are 18 and older. Finally, allowing

pornographic material could potentially lead to sexually harassment. Sexual harassment is a very serious issue and I feel it is necessary to take ever precaution to make sure it does not happen on my social forum. The second rule I made is no threats, which provides the users of Buddypages with a feeling of security. When it involves the safety of people it is always better to air on the side of caution. Threats made over social can be viewed as terrorist threats which are illegal. For example 20-year-old Caleb Jamaal Clemmons. Clemmons was found guilty of making terrorist threats after posting "Hello. my name is irenigg and i plan on shooting up georgia southern. pass this around to see the affect it has. to see if i get arrested." On tumbler. Although Clemmons may have never intended to carry out his threat the post still fit into the category of "making terroristic threats," which comes from Georgia state penal code Section 16-11-37 and resulted in harsh punishments for the 20 year old. (Adrianne Jeffries, As you can see not