Social Media Essay

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Josebe Dominguez
English 102
September 7, 13
In 250 words, discus your own experiences with social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace), good and bad and in-between

For me, social media has a positive side and a negative side. Social media has given me the chance to talk to my family and friends overseas. With Facebook, I can see pictures of my brother or video chat with my cousin in just one click. It is unbelievable how many massages I can send in just two minutes, anywhere and any time. Without it I believe that I would not be able to know what is going on in my family’s lives. On the other hand, I am a shy person and when I am not confortable with the situation I am shy to talk to others face to face. Using Facebook, I can express myself more without being judged. Social media is also a way for me to know what is happening around the world and last but not least, a way of entertainment. With Social networking sites, I feel like I am part of the world.
The negative side is that I consider myself like “addicted” to social media. Reading, “I’m So Totally, Digitally, Closed to You,”(page 168) Clive Thompson talked about “the ambient awareness”. That is an “incessant online contact” (page 270) I think that I am totally experiencing this kind of addiction. Whether I am at home, or during school hours, I am always using Facebook. Because of my constant time spent using Facebook I met a guy and I started an online relationship that lasted almost a year. Now I