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Social Media: Good or Bad?
Candice Williams
August 20, 2013
Debra Brown

Social Media: Good or Bad? Over the course of the 21st century our society has adopted many forms of social media and is has arose the question: is social media good or bad for our society? “Connecting with Parents On Social Media is Good For Teens” is an article that defends the use of social media as a tool that can bring parents closer to their children. In this paper I will challenge the reliability, credibility and validity of the article and provide evidence that the topic of this article is indeed, false.
Social Media “the bad” Although many may argue the fact that social media is beneficial, the use of these Medias can impact teens very negatively. According to a 2010 Western Reserve school of medicine study, “excessive use of these online Medias can result in poor sleep patterns, depression, and poor academic performance.” Teens rely on social media as though it is a life line and most teens don’t want their parents following their Facebook accounts; there are a ton of ways they can hide information from parents that will really put their privacy at risk. Facebook has over 250 million daily users ( and with the sexting phenomenon making its way as far down as the elementary school grade level kids are revealing too much information and lying about their age. Fake profiles and the ability to set your profile to “private” may keep parents in the dark about what is really going on in their own homes. While reading this article I discovered that this particular author did not use very many valid or reliable resources. As far as reliability is concerned, I feel this is article is based off the authors opinion, and who is to say that their opinion is the correct way to analyze the topic. In my opinion the article seemed slightly biased on the topic of social media in the home. With the exception of one study the author does not provide any other support for their topic. I do not agree that any child should be spending a significant amount of time, it is inappropriate for any person to live life through the computer screen. Symptoms of some excessive internet users have been compared to those symptoms