Social Work Goals

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Social work focuses on people of all different ages, nationalities and backgrounds. It is a helping profession they help when a crisis occurs, and one of the main goals is to help the community, especially those that are vulnerable. The job of a social worker is to help people overcome hard challenges in their lives. Some of these challenges include abuse, poverty, mental illness and addiction. The work environment could include: hospitals, senior citizen center, department of child and family services etc. Social workers advocate in many different ways, they’re there to help anyway they can. The main core values of a social work are social justice, service, dignity and worth of the individual, integrity and importance and centrality of human …show more content…
Five years from now I would like to be advance in the social work profession and making changes within the system, I want to become a licenses clinical social worker. I would like to be able to help build a strong repour to better assess their problems. I want to gain more education to better serve those in my area. I want to provide leadership and become part of the world of social work. After I have completed my master’s degree in social work I want to work closely with different organization in and around my town, I would like to start different programs within the urban community. I want to bring attention to neighborhoods to get them the services they are in need of. In ten year I want to be able to change the quality of life in the community I work in. I want to come up with affective policies, I would also like to work with different people within the community and promote change. My professional plan is to grow and gain knowledge to transition into a director’s position. Choosing to concentrate and practice my studies on children and family will help me reach my personal and professional goals. By choosing this focus I will be able to gain knowledge that will be useful to me as a social worker. I hope be able to create public awareness on how social work