Sources Of Motivation

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Sources of Motivation

Determine what the meaning of motivation is. Motivation is what drives humans to do something or act on something. To be motivated is putting thoughts or the body into motion, in order to change something or to fulfill a need (Deckers, 2010). An example of motivation would be the desire to make money to accomplish a goal of a certain amount. Another example would be making a meal for a friend who has had a hard day the fulfillment would be from the response the friend gives in return.
Motivation comes from two sources: intrinsic motivation (oneself) and extrinsic motivation (other people). Intrinsic motivation is one person’s highest amount of pleasure in life. When someone uses this source of motivation, it enables that person to tune everything else out around the area or in the mind. For instance what the boss may want, what friends may expect these would be pressure that way someone down. By using intrinsic motivation the person can tune all the garbage out and can become empowered to work on personal goals and desires. This allows a much clearer path or plan to achieve more personal goals (Mitchell, 2009). A behavioral example would be a young person saving for that first car. They make a plan to work and save money. They must express to peers that they value the goal of a car, over going to Dairy Queen for fast food. Once the young person’s parents see that the child is sticking to the plan, parents may match the child’s funds to assist in achieving the goal at a faster rate. It shows the young person’s goal is decisive, and the child will stick with it, until the goal is achieved.
Extrinsic motivation is less about oneself and more about others. A person may still be affected by the pressures of life on a day to day basis; however, that person can once again tune that out and focus attention on a larger goal (Mitchell, 2009). An example of extrinsic motivation would be an act of kindness for others. The person wants to purchase a home to shelter a group of homeless youths. The person then takes into account who will benefit from this purchase, other than themself. The person asks a few people he knows to invest in helping the youth around the area if he or she would want to assist in the project as well. They would pull their finances together to purchase the home for the homeless youth. Because they pulled their resources, they can afford to supply additional staff to assist the homeless youth in education, clothing, and other counseling needs for them. Extrinsic motivation allows one to create and be able to give as well. This type of motivation is rewarding to others as well as to the person or group.
So, in wrapping this up the two sources are