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Imagine being in a world without easy access to technology. Not being able to contact friends or family. No texting, no Instagram, no twitter, or Facebook, or having access to map quest. All these features come via cellphone which has become a necessity to life. Like most of us here, I imaged life without a cellphone. The importance of having a cellphones is critical to our daily life in modern America. Cell phones have become a essential for many people throughout the world. The ability to keep in touch with family, business associates, and access to email are only a few of the reasons for the increasing importance of cell phones.
I wake up every day to the soothing yet alarming chimes of my alarm. Every Mondays and Wednesdays at five in the morning I am reminded me to wake up and head to the gym. As I get up and wear a well fitted tank top, and shorts. I went downstairs and made me a bowl of Raspberry Special K cereal with 2% milk. While I was eating my breakfast, I was using my phone to go through my messages, check my latest post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I was sitting on my dining table just giggling at all of the ridiculous posts my friends were posting on Facebook. As I was eating my Alarm on my phone made this loud sweet sound that had me jump out of my chair. This second alarm ringing was reminding me to get up and head to the gym. My favorite machine in the Gym is the treadmill. I am an excessive sweater after working out my hair is soaked through to my scalp, my clothes are drenched, even my nose seems to run. When I'm running on the treadmill I can feel sweat dripping off my elbows and down my legs. I also get chills very easily after an intense workout. Whenever I’m entering the car after a workout the whole car fogs up from my body heat.
Verbal Communication is very important especially if you do not live with your family or if your family lives ten thousand miles away from you. The only way I could communicate with my parents and siblings is via cellphone. I call my family every single day as they all leave back home in Saudi Arabia. Whenever I call my mom and hear all of the commotion in the background. I could hear my little brother shouting, playing with his toys and running around the whole house being a little brat and, then I could hear my aunty telling my mother to tell me that she was cooking my favorite African dish. I felt like I was there just by being able to call them and to hear what is going on in the background. As I was talking