The Cold War Essay

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Tonette Collier
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Shortly after World War II the Cold War began, so the world all over was greatly affected socially, economically and politically. The United States was fighting for recovery, freedom, and trying to protect the American people from the communists. In 1947 President Harry Truman (1884-1972) started a policy to support free people all over the world and the Russian was totally against it, and they tried to expand on their communist ways with force and cheating. The differences between the United States and the Soviet Union was the start of the Cold War.
Americans began to fear the Soviet Union and changed their way of living in order to prepare themselves for war. The economy was effected, nations were divided and people fought for freedom.

The Cold War

The Cold War is the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. The United States and the Soviet Union had the most power yet they represented two different views. United States a democratic nation representing free speech, free trade, and free elections with the Soviet Union being a communist nation and totally against the freedom of speech, trade, or election. The Soviet Union viewed the United States as competition but most of all as a threat to their communist ways.
In 1947, President Truman of the U.S. declared an anti-communist policy, which many would say started the war. The Cold War took place between 1945-1960 after World War II ended and was fought everywhere around the world including Africa, Asia and outer space. This greatly affected the nation's economy and conflict between the East and West became critical.
In an attempt to reconstruct the economy the U.S. Government would provide the necessary financial aid to the states that could put forward a plan, but because certain economic documents had to be provided, the Soviet Union refused to accept the U.S. financial help in fear that it would expose them.
The Truman Doctrine marked a new