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Over the last few years of working at Google I’ve received several personal recommendations from colleagues whose advice I greatly respect suggesting that I should consider completing an MBA program. It’s from these recommendations that I have investigated the idea further to understand what the benefits are of completing an MBA program. I found out that there are many benefits that far exceeded the costs as I was able to compile a long list. A few key benefits from the list are increased creditably from business peers, polished communications skills including written skills, and improved problem solving abilities. It’s from these recommendations and investigative work that I have ultimately decided to pursue an MBA and believe the Online MBA at Ohio University is the program for me.
After graduating from my undergraduate degree in 2003 I’ve spent the last 9 years working in the management accounting/business analysis field. Beginning my career at AT&T as a graduate accountant primarily working in management accounting functions and then moving across to Google where I currently work as a Finance Manager. During my professional career I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in many different aspects of business that gives me a well-rounded skillset necessary in today’s fast changing business environment that would definitely help bring real world context to the theory presented in each class.
I’m also seen as a reliable colleague who has a good understanding of the way things work, and who values the development of intellectual awareness and the opportunity to learn, improve, and grow. Consistent, practical, appropriate and concerned with what is “right”, using past experiences to help solve current problems and gets things done is a strongpoint. But like most things in life there is always room for improvement which is how the Online MBA can deepen my expertise as a Finance Manager and promote my skillset further to take my career to the next level in a leadership role down the road.
I chose the Ohio Online MBA for a few reasons. Lifetime learning is a way of life in today’s business environment and learning is the key to increased creativity which I feel is becoming an increasingly important trait. Being able to think outside the box to tackle today’s complex problems means the difference between success and failure. MBA programs help you think creatively by providing