Steroids In Sports Essay

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“Over those eight years, cycling, with an average of 3.7 percent of test results turning up positive, emerged as the sport with the worst doping problem, followed by boxing (badminton had the lowest rate of the sports studied). Still, as you can see below, cycling has actually experienced a decline in positive tests since 2006, while sports such as hockey and table tennis have seen an increase(Sullivan,2013).” Over the years, in some sports, the usage of performance-enhancing drugs have decreased, but the sports that have increased have made up for the decreasing of them. Whenever a sport tries to exit out the usage of PEDs, other sports make up for it. Athletes are always trying to find better ways to out-do their opponents. “Enhancements such as doping are …show more content…
Among twelfth graders, 1.8% reported having used steroids in the past year. Less than 1% of eighth graders had done so(Encyclopedia,2008).” All these statistics show athletes start taking PEDs at a young age because they see or heard about their “role models” taking these substances. When people reach their peak of pressure is in high school, and they look into taking PEDs to help improve the stress. Kids get the influence of older teens in high school, so when they are 14 years old, they have 17 year olds, that can have a great influence as they progress into the next stage of their athletic career(Partnership,2012).Since technology is improving so are the abundance and strength of performance-enhancing