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A Living Legend Written and Created by : Alexander Wright And Terrell Perry (maybe)
Jackie Robinson was introduced to the Brooklyn Dodgers manager, Branch Rickey. Jackie was nervous as he walks into Mr.Ricky's office and sits down in front of him. “Aren't you Jack Roosevelt Robinson?” Branch says to Jackie. Jackie replies “Yes I am, and Aren’t you the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers Branch Rickey?” Mr. Ricky replies with a simple “Yes.” Branch explains to Jackie that he has to sign a contract stating that “He cannot interact with any of the audience members that either say or do anything while he is playing the baseball game.” Jackie asked Mr. Rickey does he want someone who would fight back. Mr Rickey says “NO!” “We need someone who just wants to play ball earn his reputation and work hard for respect.” Branch says.

“Are you up for it?” Mr. Rickey says. “Ok.” Says Jackie and he signs away. (Event took place October 23, 1945) Year: 1946
Just before the big game,”Its The Montreal Royals at Roosevelt Stadium at Jersey City !” said the announcer. Jackie is greeted with snared noses and frowned faces from the people in the seats. He pauses and looks at all of the upset fans to see an African American man playing professional baseball. He wasn’t concerned with the names and remarks people were saying to him, all he was here to do is Play Ball. Joe Cummiskey of the Jersey…