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Part 1: Microsoft Word I lived in Hanoi for nearly 18 years.However, nearly the most important day of student life, I have decided to choose the path of study to make my four years of university. I looked for some universities in the UK and decided to choose PUIC via the recommendation from the advisory of studing abroad company in Vietnam.

Hanoi is also where I developed my passion for tourism and hospitality major. However, for the better education, I confused between Sweden, which is the best education about hospitality in the world, and the UK, my dreamland when I was a child. After making researches and admonition from the Agency, I decided to choose PUIC, which is ranked top 5 universities about Tourism and Hospitality.

It was stress time while preparing file for applying visa to the UK with many procedures. To apply a visa to the UK, I needed to contact to the university to send me a enrol letter, get the IELTs certificate and others while I was having a most important semester examination.

It took over 13 hours to fly from my country to the UK, and 5 more hours from London to Plymouth. For the first time, I took a taxi that was ordered and recommended by PUIC. It was save and felt comfortable while the driver drove me to Plymouth.

DATE | TIME | START PLACE | END PLACE | 09/01/2012 | 18:00 – 7:00 | Hanoi | London | 10/01/2012 | 7:00 – 12:00 | London | Plymouth |

Part 2: Microsoft Word

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