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Many people have different view points when it comes to whether marijuana should be used for medicinal purposes or not. Some people believe that medical marijuana has no use in our society and in fact, would only cause problems. Some people however, say that it serves as a great form of pain relief for patients with arthritis, glaucoma… etc. I will be disproving some of the reasons why medical marijuana shouldn’t be available for purchase.
Many of the elderly who have nausea, spasticity, glaucoma, movement disorders, and arthritis use marijuana to have some relief from their symptoms. I don’t think this is a very smart thing to do. Elderly citizens already have limited vision, slower reactions and God-forbid they might forget the rules of the road. Marijuana has been proven to impair your motor skills. If you add these two factors together, you get a citizen that should have their license taken permanently. The United States had 3000 crashes last year that involved “medical marijuana”. What good is a drug that is used for pain relief if there is an increased chance in having an accident that could be fatal? The general public shouldn’t be taking this kind of risk just because an old man didn’t prefer to take a regular pain relief pill.
In the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, Marijuana is classified as a drug that has “a high potential for abuse”. It is also a hallucinogen. Because it is so easy to abuse this drug, adults who use this drug for “medicinal purposes” will eventually become addicted to the substance. After this happens, the dug won’t be used for “medicinal purposes” anymore. It will just be a way to feed their addiction. What happens to these patients that need marijuana 24/7? First of all, they will spend so much of their money to obtain the drug just to get high (basically like the reason why people smoke cigarettes). Their work will suffer because that drug affects motor skills. Family members will become aware of the addiction that the patient has, and they will slowly start to abandon them. Just like the way family members kick out the member that is a drunk. To prove that there are adults that are addicted to medical marijuana, during April 4th, the holiday that celebrates “weed”, medical marijuana stores sell way more of it. The adults are simply in love with the drug and wish to celebrate its existence by getting high.
Many doctors don’t believe that marijuana provides no medical use at all. Some believe that it could help for glaucoma and cancer, but they have not been accepted really well enough on the national level. This is why there are only seventeen