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Advice and guidance using different communication mediums
Scenario 1- Telephone conversation
John wants to know how to send documents via email as attachments. He also wants to convert a word document into a PDF.
Technician: Hi there, my name is josh how may I be of assistance?
John: hello there I would like to know how to send documents via email as attachments and how to convert a word document into a PDF.
Technician: okay sir ill first tell you of the ways in which you can convert word documents into a PDF file as that is the easier of the two tasks. First I would like to know what operating system you are running and which version of Microsoft word you have?
John: I am running windows 7 and have Microsoft word 2010
Technician: I am now going to explain to you a step by step guide in how to converts the documents. The first way in which this can be done is open up the document that you want to convert.
John: okay I’ll do that now
Technician: next click file and save as. Then at the bottom box where it is labelled save as type you click on it and select PDF. The only thing left to do next is click save and you are done.
John: it worked thank you so much
Technician: now to send documents via email as attachments you’ll first need to sign into your account and open up a new email.
John: yep
Technician: Now look at the top bar next to the send icon there should also be a paper clip icon click on the icon and click select files as attachments.
John: I clicked on it and it opened up my documents.
Technician: yes that good. All you need to do now is select the file you want to send and click open and you’re done.
John: thank you, bye.

Scenario 2- Face to Face
Sarah computer is running slow and she believes that the problem may be due to lack of RAM.
Technician: Hi there Sarah .what seems to be the problem?
Sarah: Hi josh, my computer is running really slow when I run multiple programs I think the problem may be with the RAM.
Technician: ill check that first then.
First click the Start button, right-click Computer, and then click Properties. In the System section, next to Installed memory (RAM), you can see the amount of RAM the computer has.
Technician: You only have 2GB so I think you may need an upgrade. Though I’ll run another check to make sure that it is the RAM that is causing the problem, can you open 4 of the programmes that you regularly use.
Sarah: okay sure
Click start then in the search bar type ‘Task Manager’ then on the taps at the top click the performance tab. If the figure next to "Physical Memory". is consistently at or close to 100 percent of memory, additional RAM will be useful.
Technician: it seems to me that you need to add additional RAM as the amount in the computer now is not enough to deal with the tasks that you are performing. The first step in upgrading the RAM is taking out all the wires connected to the computer. Next you open up the case locate the RAM slots and open the clips on one of the free slots. Then you take your new stick of RAM and click it into place inside of the Slot you opened, next to the one originally installed. RAM can only be inserted one way so make sure you face it in the correct