Team: Constructive Communication

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Team members should participate actively in the teams for:

Constructive communication: Team members should be able to communicate clearly, directly and respectfully.
Good listening purpose: Team members should be good listeners. They need to be team players who absorb and understand ideas without debating every point. While doing so, they will have the opportunity to get new points of view, new perspectives and new insights.
Active participation in between them: Team members should be prepared before going to any meetings. They should also listen attentively and speak up in discussions. They should be determined to work and they should also keep themselves engage in the work of the team.
Support the team: Team players should be nice to each
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They will also have to work and act together to accomplish a job. If one member need assistant, he may count on other team members for help.
Flexibility: There is always changing conditions in between them. Considering different points of view and compromising when needed is important to make a team member more flexible.
Show commitment: Team players, especially those who are strong, care about their work, their team and about their team’s work as well. They always try in giving their best and also give a good effort and expect other team members to do the same.
Reliability: They make sure that each team member is doing their part of job and meet their commitments. They also make sure the work they are providing are relevant.
It is also important for team members to take responsibility (personally and for the team) for the work of the team for:

Good efficiency: By giving responsibilities to each member helps in boosting efficiency. Each member is aware of the task that should be done and what is the exact date for the tasks to be completed. By assigning responsibilities to team members, the tasks to be done become much more clearer for each one. It enables members to get a better idea as they can take a look on those who are working on closely related