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1. Mobile Phones. Back in the 1980s, mobiles were just like the hairstyles of the period; huge. They make have been useful for making calls, but the ‘mobile’ part of their name was a bit of a joke. They were so big and cumbersome that you needed a wheelbarrow to move them around! However, things really have changed! Just about everyone has a mobile phone these days and 99% of them will fit quite snugly into your pocket.

3. The Internet. This is arguably the most important invention of all! So many of us would now be completely lost without it. Not only do we use it for our email, online banking, shopping, business management and social networking, but it is also an invaluable source of information! We can use it to find the answers to most of our questions and it will even provide us with an accurate weather forecast (well, most of the time!). If you were to take away the internet, then much of our society would now totally collapse. A scary thought indeed...

9 - The Computer - Many people have the deepest, richest, most diverse, and rewarding relationship with their computer. It plays games with them, tells them jokes, plays music to them, it does the taxes, and sometimes it' even used to work.

Computer is the greatest invention of science. It is the invention from all important inventions. Invention history is long about computer. It is not just a machine only. It works as calculator to solve mathematics, cassette player, television and so many.