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Technical Difficulties

I am a high school student who has taken the Photoshop course at my high school. I was given the opportunity to intern at an advertising agency this summer. The agency asked me to create a Web gallery to advertise some of the products that are for sale. I will be putting some of the photos of the products they are selling on the Website. They would like me to have this done by the end of the day. This sounds like a reasonable task, but I am in a small predicament. I did not cover how to create a Web gallery in my Photoshop class in high school. I have many options of how I can go about the situation. The honest, easy response is to simply tell the agency that I have not learned this specific task and do not know how to create a Web gallery and ask them to possibly extend the time of how long I have to complete the task. Another solution to the problem is that I could go online and search the web and ask for help on an online communication site. I could also go online and look at tutorials on how to create a Web gallery. Possibly using google or YouTube. Another option is that I could contact my high school Photoshop teacher, Mrs. Huddleston, and see if she is available to talk or teach me how to create a Web gallery. The solution I am going to try is to contact my teacher, Mrs. Huddleston. With fingers crossed and an optimistic mindset, I called to see if she was available. She was! I hurried to the High School and she helped explain…