Essay on The Boy Who Missed Everything Working in the Summer

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The Boy Who Missed Everything Working In The Summer

The story A&P inspired me so I created my own version to this short story explaining my view and what I got from the story. This paper will compare similarities with A& p and my own short story with a few slight differences but both having the same theme the author was trying to convey. Sitting in my ninth period class listening to the annoying sound of the grandfather clock tick, the popping of the bubble gum by the prettiest girl in the school Amy Palouski, and the boy with the freckles fart as I await the sound every high school kid wants to hear “the ninth period bell” letting everyone know school is out and summer has officially began! Summer is the season that comes once every year, that every kid patiently waits for to finally be able to put the books away, drown out the hour long lectures, and disregard the four page paper writing assignments and do whatever the hell they want for about two months. Summer a time for vacations, fun, outdoor activities, trying to stay cool by the water and other summer activities. But then you have me little old Jawuan Blake forced to give up everything I waited nine months to participate in for a job that I was forced to take to please my parents. It all began on the hottest summer day to ever come to Seattle. I remember it like it happened yesterday not forgetting a thing. The loud laughter from the overly excited kids happy to get a day out with their busy parents who finally got a day off. The beach filled with different types of people short , tall, big, small, black, white Indian, Asian all different and unique but with one thing in common at that particular moment they were at the “beach”. The beach was a place to enjoy the cool water, get a tan lying in the sand with the sun beaming over you, or to take a nice long romantic stroll down the boardwalk. It was a place to finally let loose and relax forgetting all problems you are faced with for that day and focus on nothing but enjoying the beautiful weather. There were surf boards going along the waves and babies with sand buckets and water shoes, everything was at the beach except for one person “Me”. Here I am stuck at the local supermarket ‘Food for Less” putting things back on the shelves misplaced and at my register doing ringing up items for annoying old snobby customers most of the day. My register was across from Patrick the father of two and husband; he was about twenty –two and always looked like he had his share of life and was at his breaking point not knowing which way to go, the look on his face told me there was no hope left in him. After looking at him making me feel my situation was getting worse by the second in walked three girls with baiting suits changing my mind drastically by something as simple as just walking through the supermarkets door was three of them one short and chubby with a lime green one-piece bathing suit with dark brown hair and big circle glasses on covering her face. Then there was one extremely tall in a pink bikini with absolutely no curves .She had short blonde hair and a lot of tattoos all over her body, and of course there was her. She was wearing a bright yellow bikini that was the perfect fit for her amazing body; she had bright blue eyes long blonde hair with the brightest Colgate smile you could ever think of. I asked Patrick to cover my register so I could get a better view. I walked down the cereal aisle and listened to laughter of the three girls her stood out the most everything about her was pretty even her laugh. An old lady got my attention and wanted me to show her where she could find a loaf of bread and by the time I returned they were gone. Gone like the wind, gone like my summer once I