The Chief Of Medicine

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The Chief of Medicine

How would you describe the Chief of Medicine in terms of his view of the patient/physician relationship (Strong Autonomy vs. Strong Paternalism)?
During the article, the Chief of Medicine is showing strong paternalism in terms of his view of the patient/physician workforce. Paternalism as a description of patient-physician relationship is defined as "the attitudes or actions of a person that protects people and gives them what they need but does not give them any responsibility or freedom of choice." It is very evident that The Chief of Medicine is trying to protect his patients. He gives them what they want and need but he also states that he knows the patients "consider themselves free and to hold tight to their own choices and their power to make them- despite our advice." He knows that patients are going to trust the physicians to help heal them, making him feel the need to do everything in his power to live up to the standard and duty of his job.

What was the point the Chief of Medicine was trying to make when he compared the work of physicians to priest and magicians? Explain
According to The Chief of Medicine, “medicine and religion spring from the same well deep within the human spirit, and they have much in common”. They try to address the most profound fears of humanity, and ultimately there are two ways to do this- through meaning and magic. The point that the Chief of Medicine was trying