The Concept Of Security

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Security is protecting something or keeping something safe. One of my battle buddies didn’t put up a tool today so he didn’t keep good security on it. Even though we told him to make sure he put it up. The definition of "security" depends on one's perspective. At the simplest level, security may be defined as "the quality or state of being secure, "freedom from danger," or "freedom from fear or anxiety." Of the many other levels on which one can analyze security, the most relevant here are individual, group, regional, national, and global. Our task is then relatively simple; we consider how security is defined at these different levels. What emerges is a framework upon which security agreements are constructed and implemented. Individual level, security is most often understood as safety. This safety includes freedom from harm, whether physical or psychological. Threats to an individual's security can produce the fear or anxiety. The most common forms of protection are legal structures that protect individuals from threats to their security. These include, but are not limited to, laws against murder, sex crimes, bodily harm, theft, and psychological harm such as coercion. The state assumes responsibility for constructing and implementing these legal regulations. Security can be related to one's ability to attain the fundamental physical needs of a home, food, and social-economic needs such as a job. The concept of individual security can therefore be linked to an individual's perception of her or his standard of living. There are many different types of security. Like I said before, it just depends on your perspective. The definition of security at the group level shares many similarities with the definition of individual security; as the individual expects to have security of person, so does the group. But at the group level, an important aspect of security is freedom from discrimination. While an individual certainly can be mistreated for her or his affiliation with a religious, national, or ethnic group, this mistreatment is more obvious and perhaps more successfully prevented when an entire group is subject to the same mistreatment. Group security may be interpreted as safety from threats to the group's identity. The national level of security is probably the most often examined and contentious definition of security. Internet Security is the most important aspect of information technology. It has been years since computer has been invented and to keep the information confidential we have to safeguard this information. The importance of integrating security measures into systems development. Every business has their own security systems to reach their goals of information security. The computer world created security systems in order to reduce risk, maintain confidentiality, ensure the reliability of data resources, and compliance with national security laws and privacy policies and laws. Cyber security is a big thing in my home town. We had class after class about it in high school. They would always tell us not to put out any of our personal information and never talk to anybody we didn’t know. Of course we all did though. We didn’t care at the time. Now that I think about it, I understand where they are coming from. You could be talking to an old man and think she was a girl your age. There are some messed up people in this world that would do anything to get you alone. I wish I would have paid more attention now. It’s actually a really serious thing and people really need to watch what they put on the internet. Colleges and jobs can even go on your face book and look at pictures or anything you put on there. If it’s a bad or illegal thing, they could refuse to