The Effects of Globalization Essay

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Citizenship Unit Individual Project
I chose Essay to explain if globalization have a positive effect to me. It is the most easiest to do than these other topics and questions. I’ll demonstrate my understanding of the issue by discussing these three concepts i chose,
Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Global Citizen. It’s basically benefiting certain countries, and mainly serves the interests US at the expense of poor countries. It doesn’t only benefit the US, it benefits developing countries as well. Globalization has really made us more aware of problems. It opens up all market and gives an edge to countries with cheap labor cost ., like china to dominate the global market its production cost is lowest anywhere in the world thus giving them opportunity to lure foreign investors to set up shop or open Factories so they can gain from cheap labor cost . And sums up over all profitability.


Because globalization describes the processes by which economies, societies, and culture have become integrated through communication transportation and technology. The participants on this discussion focused on the movement of young people like me.
This will affect greatly my decision in the future in which opportunities will be opened up for young people like me looking for jobs. This is because of the removal of economic barriers and the opening up of borders. It will enable me to move from my country of origin to other countries. This order of agreements which govern