The Effects Of Sexual Harassment

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Jake Alexander
Legal Environment
Founder Incarcerated Co-founder Joseph Rodgers Jr., CEO of Georgia-based Waffle house, the 24 hour din-in service, is being accused of sexual assault. The woman, whose name is not mentioned, says that she was asked several times to perform sexual actions with Rodgers. This woman was his personal and work-related assistant. She also said that as part of her employment was to perform sexual activities with the CEO. He made not only his assistant but other woman who worked for him buy pornography while naked in front of him, touching them inappropriately. Since 1955 the restaurant has stood in the Atlanta suburb, along with 1400 plus, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its signature yellow signage, jukebox music, and breakfast offerings have made it a culinary staple of the South. With this incident happening I don’t believe that the impact on profit or popularity is at stake. That guy is going to get fired but his partners in the business. I would not want to work with a guy who is perverted and gives the company a bad hora. I do believe that people looking for a job as personal assistant would stay away from an opening from Waffle House. Sexual Harassment affects a lot of people no matter what race, age, religion, etc. There have been many attempts to crack down on this issue, mainly in schools and businesses. It has been outlawed in the Civil Rights act of 1964 Title VII. Many companies have not yet developed adequate procedure and policies to address the situation. This isn’t the only time you have heard about this happening. Evidence of these grievances filed with Equal Employment Opportunity commission (EEOC) from 10,532 in 1993 has increased to 15,889 in 1997 (Ganzel 1998). There has been attempts to stop these incidents by requiring employees to work within there companies to resolve the issure before filing with the EEOC. Former Supreme Court cases in Faragher v.City of Boca Raton and Burlington v. Ellerth support an attempt to halt these occurrences. As far as im concerned you