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Amelia Dee and the Peacock Lamp

The Escape

The night was quiet and clear, you could hear the frogs down by the river. Suddenly the air was filled with a stampeding herd of elephants coming closer and closer. I wanted to flee but my legs would not listen.

I was here to do a job but the crowd was at the palace gate and everyone would wake up from the shouting outside. I had to make a decision fast, do I give up on the job or do I get into the palace, by joining the angry mob at the gate? As the gate gave into the mob, I found myself swept away with angry ugly faces. Dodging the flying fists around me, as the crowd fought from room to room, I tried to find Princess Parvin’s bedroom. My friend Pasha told me that the princess’s treasures were made from gold and decorated with diamonds; just one of them would set me up for life.

I started to run from door to door, with the mob never far behind me, as glass started shattering all around me, I opened her bedroom door. A pair of frightened eyes meet mine.“ Help us,” he whispered loud enough for me to hear, in his arms he was holding a little girl in her nightgown. What do I do?
I grabbed his arm and pulled them back into the room locking the door, the little girl was crying. “Quiet Princess, we will find a way”. The servant looked around the room, like he was looking for something, I could hear the mob. Suddenly the princess pointed to the bookshelf, “ Quick Asha, my secret place.” Asha reached between the books, and the shelf slid to…