The father of medicine Essay

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We are all deafened by the sound of the screeching. Even thirteen years later, its horrible echo resonates across a frightened globe. Metal colliding with giants; eyes watching from billions of angles, imaginations screaming. A vision of horror delivered before innocent faces.

A world immune to violence. We have seen such scenes playing out in a thousand films - as we watch on, this could just be another. It is difficult to imagine the real lives that are being extinguished, rapidly, like gunshots. Blown out like candles on a grim birthday cake of ruin. It all seems hopeless now... These bangs and crashes are lives diminishing.
There is a humming and then an explosion of life.
Minutes unfolding and changing history. In the stillness of the shock, there is a sense of being trapped within a snowstorm ornament- A moment framed for eternity.
This is no-man’s land now.
Disturbing silence is filled with a reverberating noise. The rumbling that follows is like the sound of innumerable amounts of souls fleeing the scene, headed for purgatory. They were dead before they lived.

Hoses churning as planes come to a halt. Knowledge seems to fade on these very grounds of war. Stabs in the back and light coming from beyond, not knowing what that very light holds or what fate they deserve. On the horizon is demise which seeps through the cracked concrete to see if any life has survived. Unhappiness greeting the leaders of the land to inform eyes with teardrops, of woe emerging. Remembering the touch of skin to each other in the fragments of love, part of you gone in a flash.

Feeling like happiness can’t cope, trying to comprehend sentences within your head but unable to make sense of anything at all. Seeming like the world has come to an end, people imbued with shock darting around avoiding the likelihood of getting caught up amongst the grilling.
If only the innocent knew what gore the giants held. The state of liberty looking the other way as the empire state building is fulfillingly watching the horror escalate trying to provoke the incident. People tight lipped unable to make their brain function, benighted from the truth. Impuissant to the urge to assist as if they have been grasped by the concrete too; Watching as the dilemma unfolds.

Despair or agony is the