The Five Themes Of Geography

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Judy Martz once said, “Everything has to do with geography.” While this might seem like a tall assumption, exploring the five themes of geography proves this point. While exploring a place like Ireland it is clear to see how the five themes work together to form a highly descriptive analysis of the country, as a whole. As previously stated, there are five themes of geography which include location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region. Taking a closer look at each theme will provide any curious person with enough information about a place
Location can be described as a point somewhere on earth. Location is further broken down into two categories; relative and absolute. Relative location is when you describe the exact
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For place there is two different categories human characteristics and the physical characteristics. In human characteristics you have population, language, religion, and trade. Ireland’s current population as of 2015 is 4,833,655 and there is a growth rate of about 1.36 percent as of last year. The 5 largest cities in Ireland according to population are Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, and Waterford. The capital of Ireland is also the largest city Dublin has a population of about 1.8 million. The language of Ireland is mainly English which 94 percent of the population speak and other 36 percent of the population speak Irish. There are various different groups of religion in Ireland. The main religion in Ireland today is Christianity with the largest percent identifying as Roman Catholics. However, in Northern Ireland a large number of the population is Protestant there is a percentage of Presbyterian, Church of Ireland, Methodist, and the other Christian. The last human characteristic of Ireland is trade. Ireland has great deal of import and export. Irelands topmost export associate is the United States as well as the topmost import associate. Ireland furthermore trades with the United Kingdom, Belgium-Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, and China. Following, physical characteristics which consist of climate, animals, landforms, and soil. The Atlantic Ocean has an effect on the climate in Ireland. Therefore Ireland does not come into contact with the harsh temperatures like the other countries. Ireland being an island the warm ocean currents bring moisture and that help keeps the land green along with the little precipitation here and there. During summer it is warm with some rainfall and during the winter it is typically rainy with the snowcapped mountains. Humidity will sometimes occur and bring in thunderstorms but it is not so often. In Ireland there are many different variabilities of animals. The animals