The Goal Questions Essay

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Tyler Kerth
Management 521
Report #1

1. Do you feel that the Bearington plant has the right equipment and technology to do the job? Why?

I feel that the Bearington plant’s source of problems and concerns are emerging from a deteriorating equipment, poor management system, and staff that aren’t properly fit for this type of job. In chapter one, as Alex Rogo starts walking through the plant he observes the plant’s equipment was making inexplicable noises. There were outdated lights, computer systems, and an intercom system that could barely be heard over all the sound of the machines. On the other hand, the author was describing the employees as raggedy looking and some were over weight. The master machinist that was in charge of the
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He applies this to his manufacturing plant in the sense that one operation has to be done before the second operation. This should be in a sequence of steps. Machine A would have to finish step one before worker B could proceed to start on step two. He refers this as the dependent events. Alex explains his interpretation of the statistical event as well. In his words this means that nobody can predict the actual time information on a certain step. For example, he explains that it could take 2.1 minutes to 6.4 minutes to wire a lead in a factory. A plant worker cannot always say that it takes 2.1 minutes to complete this task because it fluctuates, depending on the project and day. Therefore, an average of 4.3 minutes should be given to this task. Dependent events and statistical fluctuations work together in the sense that nobody can perform their dependent event faster than the person whom which is in front of them. The person who is in the front of the line, whether it be in a factory or on the trail, sets the pace for the entire line or group. The person at the end of the line would be considered the throughput, where the last man’s speed would be considered the rate of the entire line. A balanced plant is referred to as a plant where the capacity of every resource is balanced exactly with the demand of the market. A balanced would not work in the Boy Scout hiking circumstances. Realistically, Alex couldn’t not trim the capacity of the 15