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The Grey Wilderness It was a dark and snowy night, the full moon pierced the thin layer of clouds like a hot knife through butter. I had finished the last day of my job, hunting wolves to protect the oil drilling team. I reached my hotel at the edge of an Alaskan town a few minutes past ten o’clock. I sat for what felt like hours at my desk, thinking whether I should write the note explaining my decision on committing suicide. I got up, keeping the note in the inner pocket of my coat, and decided to go to the bar. I had a shot of whisky and sat there for a few minutes before going outside to end my life. I took out my hunting rifle and put the barrel in my mouth and thought about my deceased wife, Kimberley, just as I was about to pull the trigger, I saw a vision of my wife telling me not to kill myself. I then took the rifle out of my mouth and thought not to follow through, and went back home. The next day was the flight back home with the rest of the crew, I sat at my seat looking out the window when the small plane suddenly encountered excessive turbulence, I then looked around to see the passengers frozen in place with fear. I realised that we had flew straight into a blizzard. I instantly looked outside to see the propellers of the plane spewing out a plethora of smoke, I looked lower to see that we were losing altitude fast, I quickly lay down on the seat next to me and put on both belts and within seconds we crashed into the ground. Once I regained consciousness, I lay there in the snow trying to remember what just happened
“HELP!!!” screamed one of the very few remaining survivors. I rushed over and with the help of the other survivors we helped him out and brought him to the inside of the plane wreckage. The crash had crushed the man’s right leg.
“You’re going to be all right” I said, reassuring him, but his breathing slowed down and his eyes closed for last time.
“We will need to bury all these bodies” I told the remaining men
“Take their wallets for identification and get some coats and jackets from the suitcases to keep yourselves warm”
After we cleared the bodies from around the plane we went out to gather wood for a fire, I saw another part of the plane not very far from where we were so I went to see if it had any supplies. As I approached the plane I saw the body of a human, barely alive, still strapped in a row of seats, covered in blood. I ran to help but as soon as I got near, the silhouette of a grand beast rose from behind the body, two sharp golden eyes gazed at me, it stepped out into the light of the full moon with an amber colored fur that flowed through its body, the blood from the corpse dripped from its muzzle, it growled as it snarled revealing its razor sharp, bloodthirsty fangs. I stood my ground and screamed at the wolf, the wolf backed up and sprinted back into the forest. I ran to the body to see if he was still alive but before I could reach him I felt a big impact on my side knocking me off my feet, the wolf locked my left thigh in his jaws.
“HELP!” I yelled desperately and the remaining survivors rushed to my aid, throwing punches and kicks to get the wolf to flee. The wolf fled back to the forest to rejoin its pack. I tied a strip of cloth around my wound, luckily he didn’t break any bones. I figured that we were in a wolf territory. I told the survivors that we should take turns to keeps watch for the predators, one of the survivors had to urinate, so he picked up his torch and walked away from the group and as soon as he turned around two wolves attacked and killed him. I woke up the next morning to see his lifeless corpse in the snow, covered in blood. I announced the loss to our group and we decided that we should move from the area.
“We should move towards the trees in the distance, it will provide more warmth and fuel for fires” I said. We packed what we could and moved towards the trees. On our hike we encountered a blizzard which greatly limited our vision, one of the…