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Why so revolutionary?
There are several factors as to why the Beatles had such an impact on the way popular music was enjoyed, analysed, interpreted and defined. Their career spanned from 1957-1970. Their eighth album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" gained industry wide critical acclaim, and in retrospect has been described by Rolling Stone Magazine as "...the most important rock & roll album ever made...". This and other appraisal can be broadly understood by the following principal points:

Beatles in Context
Post War(c.40s-50s):
· British record companies' target audience is primarily middle class
· Rigid and specifically generic musical genres: Classical, Jazz, Dance, Vocal. No other acknowledged market. Rock 'n' Roll artists squeezed into these catagories.
· Largest revenue came from live performances; less from sale of records.
Elvis presley arrived on the British music scene in 1956. His musical style sounded like it had "come from nowhere" Mass audiences were unaware that it has its roots in the black sounds coming from southern america.
Aspects of new genre included:
· performance style: articulation, stage awareness, orchestration and arrangement, accompaniment.

Career Points, 3 fold:
1. 1957-1962 - The Beatles were a developlement of a Skiffle band formed by John Lennon called The Quarrmen. They gained a residency at the Cavern Club in liverpool and played 292 performances in 1962. on 9th November 1961, Brian Epstein offered to become their manager.
2. 1962-1966 - They were signed by George Martin to EMI's Parlophone record label. They enjoyed both national and international success. Their first US tour was in February 1964 and they refused to go until they had gained a number 1 in charts; stateside. British Invation. There had been just one number one hit in 1963 in America however in 1964 there was 32. They stopped touring in 1966 as they complained they were inaudible above the screaming of the fans. (Lennon Quote...)
3. 1966-1970 - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band written. The beatles engaged in the counterculture…