Differences Between The Iliad And The Movie Troy

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Popular books almost always have the tendency of being turned into a movie. for example some movies which have been made based on books are pride and prejudice, the notebook, and twilight .The movie Troy is based on the epic poem "The Iliad by Homer". the movie did not do the book any justice. there were many concepts and main events that took place in the book which could have added to movie and perhaps make it better. there are many similarities and differences between Homers "the Iliad" and the movie Troy.

the ancient legend of troy, which is told in homers epic poem "the Iliad" has been retold in many forms. there was recently a movie made which attempted to tell the legend of Troy. The movie "troy" attempts to retell the myth but it lacks certain elements of the book which resulted in the movies inaccuracy. Since the movie is based off the book naturally there will many similarities. however, since the movie which condensed 24 of the Iliad books into less than a three hour movie there are obvious differences as well. ther absence of the gods,.....

First, the gods which are very prominent in the epic aren't even mentioned in the movie. This is probably because of the time issue the movie had, the gods couldn't all be mentioned and their theories described completely to the portion of the audience who would know nothing about the gods in such a short amount of time. Bringing up the gods might also have caused a lot of confusion amongst the audiences of the