The Importance of Education Essay examples

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Summer Grandy
A.P English
Mrs. Fritz
28 November 2012
Educations Role How many times did you find yourself slouching in your blue plastic chair playing with a pencil wondering “what’s the point of this?” If we were all being honest with ourselves, once or twice would be an understatement. From kindergarten to senior year, the point of education contemplation is the last resort daydream all students have during that month-long lecture about a math equation. It is a relevant question though. Even California beach bums and New York lawyers have learned one or two things from school: lessons. The most important role education has in a student’s life is teaching them the essential lessons they’ll need in the future. How much of fourth grade history would a senior in high school remember? Math? The answer to this most likely contains one or two facts stuttered and mumbled into a sentence, while the students cheeks turn red and their eyes drift to the floor. Throughout student’s entire education, most of the learning we do is irrelevant. This is because when someone desires to be a swimming teacher, fourth grade math isn’t that important. What does the coach need to do with the area formula? She could calculate the amount of students that could be held in her pool, or she could glance slightly up from this mess to the maximum occupancy sign above the doorway. The tasks we learn in school are handed to us in the working life. What a swimming teacher needs to learn is that tardiness leads to punishment and there are deadlines for fieldtrip requests, and dress codes are mandatory. All of the hidden lessons in school would teach this person, and many more, a lot more than what is being written on the whiteboard. In the essay “Me Talk Pretty One Day”, Sedaris speaks of a teacher that is harsh and treats everyone in the class poorly. How many fathers come home from work complaining how their boss is so *bleep* and treats them like *bleep*? Through school we learn how to cope with coworkers and understand