The Importance Of Giving Back

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Giving back to your community means being a helping hand to anyone and everyone! It also means making your community a better place. Things that might seem small can make a HUGE difference. Giving back improves the state of your community, provides a learning opportunity, and makes you feel great! Examples of giving back are volunteering at a food pantry, caring for the homeless, picking up litter, and visiting with the elderly.

Giving back by tutoring a child at school, could have just given a student a one way ticket to honor roll, a scholarship, or even the hope of college. You can also improve the environment by planting trees to give off more oxygen. Volunteering can give you the chance to create new relationships and make new friends. More community involvement means a better community!
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It teaches you how to give back, how to be grateful, and how to meet new people! I’ve been amazed by the joy I’ve seen on people’s faces when we give back; they light up like a light bulb that has just been turned on. The only problem is WE have to be their switch. WE have to make them light up. It’s our job to make this world a better place. WE were not made to glue our behinds to a couch and sleep all day; WE were made to get up and take