The Importance Of Habits Among The Lower Six

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From the survey among the Lower Six, we can see that, most of the teenagers nowadays do concern about having a healthy diet. During the teenage years, it's important that you eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet that will promote normal, healthy development. However, on the other hand, majority students prefer that lunch and dinner as the most important meal in a day. In fact, recent nutritional research has shown that breakfast is even more important. A good diet is essential for everyone, but it’s especially important for growing teenagers. Unfortunately some girls are on diet and always try skip meals to keep the body slim. So, they should think twice before doing this, as teenagers enter puberty and begin to grow and develop quickly, they need to eat more than ever. However, it is also crucial that the food they are eating is healthy, so that their bodies have the right nutrients and fuel to build a strong adult body.
Besides, teenagers nowadays also have a habit of eating titbits. Titbits have little or no health benefits. Nevertheless, the titbits are popular because of their simplicity to manufacture, consume and of course their taste. Many people prefer to eat them while watching TV and also save themselves a lot of hassles and time. So, it is not surprise that titbits are popular among the students in Lower Six too.
But, titbit causes weight gain, which can lead to obesity overtime. Poor concentration is another result of the habit of eating titbits. When you