The Importance Of Living In The United States

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Living in the United States has always meant a lot to me; from the time that I was born, I had always been told this was the greatest country in the world. I have both respected and cherished this throughout my life so far. I have also been fortunate enough to see an extraordinary amount of the foreign world for my age. These countries include, Aruba, St. Thomas, Dominica, St. Croix, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, St. Martin, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Curacao, Costa Rica and Canada.
Seeing this much of the world has certainly assured me of a few things. First, how truly similar humanity is as a whole. If you forget about the culture, architecture, and language barriers, in every one of these countries you see the same thing, even if you include the United States. If you think about the “big picture”, everyone is just trying to do their part in order to make a better live for themselves and those around them. Even the problems that these countries face are very similar
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Not only to be able to travel the world to this extent, but also to live in the country that I do. Obviously some of these countries are much better off than the others, but overall I felt the same. I was unable to see the opportunity that is available to me here. The United States is home to the best universities and colleges in the world. Seeing the vast number of people that won’t have the same opportunities as me simply due to where they live is a huge motivation. Don’t get me wrong, attending college has always been something I knew I would do. However, I never felt an obligation to continue my education until I began to see the foreign world. Passing up an opportunity such as this when I know full well I am capable simply seems selfish. Furthering my education allows me to believe that I am making the most of the opportunities given to me. As well as a the potential to help those who might not be as fortunate as