Essay The Importance of New Student Orientation

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1. New student orientation plays a major role for incoming students because during new student orientation, the freshman girls learn a sense of community and they become aware of everything in the community while gaining a sense of sisterhood and having a chance to learn what it means to be here at Spelman. It is important for incoming students to participate in new student orientation and also get to know the campus without the being overwhelmed with upperclassmen on campus.
2. My most memorable aspect of new student orientation would be the wake-up call because I was able to get a sense of what the Spelman hymn meant and also learning everyone’s name and being a Pal last year I was able to really embrace the wake- up call even more.
3. I want to be a pal because I would love to be a positive influence on the incoming freshman and be a role model they have and a familiar face on campus once classes have started.
4. The skills I bring to NSO week would be that I am a team player, a leader, a positive influence, I communicate well with others and I am a great listener and I am able to assess any situation and think rationally about how to solve and problem.
5. In one word I would describe myself as creative.
6. To me service is helping anyone in need of anything; it could be helping someone by just listening or aiding them in anyway. With service you are able to give back to the greater good and help the community as well.
7. Being a pal last year really inspired me to