Essay about The Long Journey to a Nursing Career

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In my nursing journey I’ve had a total of twenty-four years in nursing that started since high school. In those years I have made it a point to provide optimum care to my patients and their families. In obtaining my bachelors degree from Chamberlain it will continue to open new doors in my ability to oversee nursing care and in research at a managerial level. My final goal would be to obtain my master’s in informatics and be able to encourage and help strengthen the future of nursing by making an impact in merging technology with nursing. In my current position at work I am a super user for our third medical software program, which is named Cerner in five years. I have always been the volunteer for any new software or computerized handheld equipment. The training classes offered at my hospital will empower me with the skills and networking ability to use as an informatics nurse in the future. I am currently a member of ANA it allows me to have a reduced rate to my certification upon my completion of a graduate program in informatics. In my hospital they currently have a group of informatics nurse specialist on board. They currently have the title of Clinical applications analyst. I feel that my goal is attainable due to my constant involvement in merging nursing and technology to provide safe and optimal care to my patients and their families. There are some barriers that may make attaining this goal prolonged such as getting approved for a loan to help finance my graduate…