The Red Scare Essay

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After ww1 and ww2 many American’s where afraid of communist ,anarchist, socialist of taking over the U.s se after Russia revolutionist took over and brought up a communist state with a red flag and American’s believed they wanted to over throw capitalisms in their home countries take out any anarchist , socialist , and communist .the palmers stepped all over people’s rights they invaded homes and offices and jailed people they deported hundreds of foreign without the end they never turned up any evidence or conspiracy

The palmer raids of ww1 where a group appointed by palmer to have hoover in charge with his men to
In ww2 American where once again fearing communism a so the us government decided to do the same as the palmer acts that occurred in ww1 but changed it up just a little the us people looked up to the HUAC (The House of Un-American Committee) which investigated the movie industry which investigated the movie industry the committee believed that communist where sneaking g propaganda films into films the committee then called up the Hollywood ten but since they believed what the committee was doing was unconstitutional and denied to do anything they requested they were then put in prison .

McCarthy arises in ww2 by using the fears of communist taking over to his advantage and rose panic in the U.S by pointing at people left to right and accusing them for communism he then accused the democrats of having 20 years of treason one man in the republican house then spoke out against McCarthy many people didn’t do so because of fear they would be called a red or a communist for going against him. This left and right tactic he had would later come back to haunt him after McCarthy accuses a former general of the U.S army for being a communist this is then when the senates took a step forward from the shadows to condemn him of improper conduct .The McCarran act was called the “which hunt “in the history book because of the Salem which trials that took place in the 1800 that accused people left and right just like McCarthy

The McCarran act was also passed during ww2 which stopped the people from saying anything bad this violated our rights this act was passed because the government believed the board didn’t go far enough even after investigating 3.2 million people for any communist background.

This event took place during ww1 after people started accusing foreigners these Two men were a simple shoe maker and a fish peddler who avoided the first world war where then accused of