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The Ruthless They have no motive. They make no effort to gain an attachment with anyone. Sometimes they don’t even have the ability to feel emotion. These people are usually charming and charismatic on the outside with something much darker lurking on the inside. These are the traits of the cold blooded, psychopathic, serial killers that surround us in this world. And as of October 19, 2013, Florida has the second most amount of victims, following California, from serial killers (FGCU Serial Killer Database). All the way from “Jack the Ripper” to Ted Bundy, everyone struggles with the question why? What made these monstrous individuals do the things they did to their victims? Researchers have found that due to a lethal combination of genetics, a difficult home life, and sometimes even what seems to be the smallest of things like a bad break up, these are the causes that create a serial killer in the making. “According to criminal investigators a serial killer can be defined as a person who enjoys luring, attacking and killing his victims based on an established ritual.” (Before its news) Dr. Helen Morrison, a forensic psychiatrist, has been tracking serial killers most of her life and has reached out and been in contact with over 130. She claims that “They’re so completely ordinary, and that’s what gets a lot of victims in trouble; they aren’t the psychopath running down the street, they’re the man next door.” (Business Insider) The notorious Ted Bundy was one of those very people. Bundy was born on November 24, 1946, in Vermont to the twenty-two year old Eleanor Cowell. Eleanor was raised in a very religious home and was ashamed of the “illegitimate” child she bore. Bundy was raised as the adopted son of his grandparents and was told his mother was his sister. Bundy later moved in with his mother and her new husband, Johnnie Bundy, and grew up in what seemed to be a content, working-class family. At the age of three, Ted Bundy took an interest in knives and through his elementary years was a shy, but bright child, only having problems with the ability to work with peers. Though, as Bundy began to hit his adolescent years a darker side began to emerge, where he peered into people’s windows and thought nothing of stealing from others (Biography). Like many serial killers, Bundy seemed to be just as “normal” as the next guy, while he secretly led a life of luring victims into his car or house where he would rape and beat them to death. Investigators found that Bundy had gone through a bad break up during his college years and starting scoping out victims that resembled his ex-girlfriend. Who knew that something like that could cause a man to ruthlessly murder nearly 100 women. Whether it be the brutal murdering of 100 women or the shockingly sadistic killing of five, researchers continually try to find what makes a serial killer tick. From what they can see so far, there seems to be an existing pattern of these killers growing up with terrible surroundings and being placed in positions that no one should have to go through. Though their actions could never be justifiable, bad childhoods seem to have a lasting effect on them. Take Bundy for example, his mother was so ashamed to have him she pawned him off to her parents for many years claiming to be his sister. Aileen Wuornos, who is a part of a very small number of woman serial killers, grew up in a house full of abuse and neglect where she took part in incestuous acts with her brother and became pregnant at the age of 15. She would grow up to murder seven men, claiming they were trying to harm her. Those men would never see it coming and most people never do, hiding behind the illusion that bad things are for books and movies and would never happen near the safe haven you call home. And the scariest part about it is, these people are closer to home than you think. Danny Rolling, who was responsible for the torturing and killing of 3 women and 2 men, was