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Recite ayat-ul-kursi, surah fatiha and allahs name
Oh Allah, please support me and help me to achieve my dreams, my goals, be successful and lead a good life.
Tomorrow I will find happiness, I will be happy. I have found the man of my dreams and he will provide me with infinite amounts of happiness. I am choosing to be happy with my life, I am grateful for all I have and all I will gain in the future. Tomorrow my hair will be longer, it will be up to my hips.
I have found love and romance, I cherish and appreciate it. Next month I will have even more money, I will be able to afford more luxuries.
In 6 month time, November 1st 2013, I will have beautiful clear skin on my face, on my body and on my legs. Every inch of my skin will be scar free and my beautiful skin will shine. I am on the road to success and in 6 months’ time, November 1st 2013, I will be enjoying the pleasure and excitement success brings. This path will carry me to my bright and successful future.
In one years time, June 1st 2014, I will be completely happy with my life, my happiness, my romance, my financial situation. Nothing will be able to stop me from having everything I want. I will own multiple pairs of louboutin shoes, jimmy choo shoes and Louis Vuitton handbags.
In three years, July 2016, I will be getting married to my perfect man, the man of my dreams, Haroon. I will have the big grand wedding I have always dreamt of. I will have the white wedding gown with the long train and long