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Case 12:

Victoria’s Secret
- Seeking for new business opportunities in the European lingerie market

The Victoria’s Secret (owned by US Limited Brands, Inc.) sells women’s intimate and other apparel, personal care and beauty products and accessories under the Victoria’s Secret and La Senza brand names. Victoria’s Secret merchandise is sold through retail stores, its website,, and through its catalogue. Through its website and catalogue, certain of Victoria’s Secret’s merchandise may be purchased worldwide. La Senza products may also be purchased through its website,
In January 2007, Victoria’s Secret completed their acquisition of La Senza Corporation. La Senza is a Canadian specialty
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In Germany, for example, food retailers, drugstores and even coffee shops are also selling a significant amount of textile products. Thus in the annual list of the largest textile retailers in Germany, the food discounter Aldi is ranked at number 9, and Tchibo – a chain of coffee shops, at number 13. In Germany, these non-textile retailers already have a market share of 12 per cent of the total textile market. They do not normally have a full assortment and only sell offers and special items, which they buy in huge quantities and sell at extremely low prices. Also, the idea of concept assortments is being used by some of them. Thus, the coffee chain Tchibo is selling every week, a completely different theme, wherein textile products are just a part of all on offer.
Only companies with a sharp profile are successful in the market. Here are some examples of successful specialty stores:

- French group Orsay is increasing its business with their specialty concept for girlies’ fashion.
- The German teeny specialist New Yorker.
- Swedish H&M with their concept of top fashion products at discounted prices, has been growing in almost all countries where they are present.
- Spanish Zara has also been opening stores worldwide in a remarkably short time frame for a similar target group.
Other specialty stores are also registering