Essay about The Seven Years’ War in America

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The Seven Years’ War in America

Ohio Country-piece of land the French and brits

Fort Duquesne- French fort in ohio country

Fort necessity- Washington’s fort (gets surrendered July 4)

General Edward Braddock- Brit soldier that motherland sends to help Washington attack the French. Believed that no one can match the brit’s military. Hates colonists, but despises NA’s. marches up against Duquesne with 2200 men with him. About 10 miles out of the fort, the 8 indians warn him, but the ignorant bitch is ignorant and marches into an ambush. Gets killed in his hubris and then command goes to Washington.

Ϛ French America
 French are north of the St Lawrence river, great lakes region, Mississippi river, and the gulf of Mexico
 By 1750 there was a significant difference in numbers of the French and british
 Even though the brits have tons more people, the French has way more land to spread out in.
 French depend on Indians and develop profitable economic relationships with Indians. Both for military and for trade.
 By the 1750’s brits
Ϛ Native America
Ϛ Ohio Country
 Next to Shawnee
 French want it because there are lotsa Indians there for using
 Brits see lotsa land there for growing things for Ag profit
 French make the first move to the Ohio country
 1754 french start making a fort near the fork of the ohio river
 Gov. Rob
Ϛ French Success
 The French twice beat back the Brits and then go on the offensive and successfully attack the brits…