Essay on The Sports Guy Case Study

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The Sports Guy
Case Study

Case Synopsis

The case is about The Sports Guy which is an independent sporting goods store owned by Bob “Rocky” Rhodes; his business is in the retail sporting goods industry. The store is located in the south part of a small town which is just outside the Greater Toronto Area. The town has been growing rapidly for the last few years and the area around the store has become a prosperous neighbourhood, making their location a busy commercial area. The Sports Guy store sells sports related clothing and equipment. About 70% of their sales consist of equipment and uniforms bought by local teams, and 30% of sales consist of regular (walk-in) retail trade. The store’s sales have increased over the years
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Right now it is only directed towards local teams and he can be making more from nearby cities or even ship province wide * Advertise more, and not only on local television and the local paper to create a larger market * Hire someone to work on the record keeping aspects of the company and focus on what he is good at such as selling and promoting with his experience and industry knowledge * Can improve the quality of customer service and offer higher-quality and specialty items to compete with Canadian Tire which is lacking in those areas

Threats * Main retail competitor in town, Canadian Tire store is part of a chain of stores so is able to offer cheaper prices which may