I Believe In My Country's Individual Voices Coming Together As One?

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Shian Solomon
Ms. Wiggins
August 19, 2013
H. English
This I believe Rough Draft This I believe in my country’s individual voices coming together as one. This I believe statement I feel can almost become an ‘I know’ or ‘I feel’ paper because we are stating our opinions that we believe are facts. There are so many instances that I can go into that prove that although there were just a few voices in the whole country that really made a difference in our society right now. The first thing is how the Natives were being treated. This hit home for me because I am one-fourth Native American. It is part of my background and to know how my ancestors were being treated was a horrible thing. After everything was done the Trails of tears were done, several hundred years later in modern day times, someone anyone could have spoken up and said what happened years ago is something that we can fix now. And that they did. Every month now our family gets a check for being Native American and the different trials and tribulations that our ancestors went through. Now does this fix the fact my family was persecuted? No not at all, but just knowing that my country cares about something that other countries around the world don’t or wouldn’t care about makes me have hope that anything is possible as long as we speak out.

The next is something that also hits home for me and that is how African-Americans were and still are being treated in our country. This is also something in my