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Ambrose said, “History is everything that has ever happened.” Ambrose is correct in saying this, and I feel like he does a fantastic job of supporting that statement in his book. In it, he goes into in depth details about many different points of history, from different perspectives. He focuses on many important points of history for the United States and he explains his views, and the things that happened to make each person, battle, or decision an important part of our country’s history. History is an important thing. We can better our lives from history. We can learn from history. By knowing history we don’t have to repeat mistakes that others before us have made. Our founding fathers made a lot of mistakes, as do all people, but their experiences and decisions, can influence our own. I think that all history is important in it’s own way. Each piece of history offers it’s own lesson, but we can’t learn everything that has ever happened. Way too many things have happened and are continuing to happen! So we pick major points in history that offer lessons of what and what not to do and that deserve to be remembered. People in the past have performed many noble and honorable deeds, and they deserve to be remembered. The people that have fought for our country, the ones who have raised it up. Ambrose picks many different points that provide lessons, and that teach you facts and details about focal points in the history of America. Ambrose begins his book talking about the founding fathers, and the decisions that they made that inevitably started our country. He began is book, with the beginning of our country. He explained how the men that started our country, fought for freedom and independence with words and with actions. He talked about their heroic natures, and their gracious and humble attitudes. He also explained the faults of some of our founding fathers that some people overlook, or simply don’t know about. He explained how even though some had a great list of faults, they were still great men. It is important that Ambrose did more than just explain and list the simple facts of the battle and the leaders. He went into very clear detail about their thoughts and how they felt about certain issues. He described reasons behind fights, and one decision and action influenced another. After describing the beginning, Ambrose begins to talk about the difficulties that America has faced regarding racism, and the treatment of indians, african americans, and other immigrants. It was important to explain these because it was a bad time in America’s history. The United States was discriminating people because of their race. The United States was invading people’s homes, and forcing them into reservations. America made the Indians to abandon their language and culture to learn english, and the ways of the white people. It is important that we know about this, and remember it, so that we don’t make the same mistakes again. We need to be reminded of these times because we want to learn from this, because we know that it’s wrong. Ambrose highlights battles and wars throughout the book. One of the great significances of these battles are remembering the people that fought them. The people that risked and gave up their lives to defend