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10-135 Toy Motor Assembly

D r. Fa t m a A r s l a n
Electrical and Computer

The Universal motor is a type of electric

motor that can operate on both AC or DC power. The motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.
The electric motor is very common in our everyday lives.

Parts & Tools
 Two Wire,100 cm Long Coil.
 Three Fasteners.
 Two Armature Halves
 Tubing.
 Motor Shaft.
 Two Brushes.
 Field Pole.
 Wire Cutter
 1.5v -12v Battery

How Does It Work
The motor converts electrical energy

“Voltage Source” into mechanical energy.
The mechanical energy is then converted to kinetic energy rotating the shaft.
The current flow through the wire, the magnetic field rotates around the wire which cause the motor to run.
The amount of current in the wire, the length of the wire, and the strength of the magnetic field all determine how fast the motor spins.

Toy Motor

Toy Motor Speed Measurment

More Wire around the field pole, increased

magnetic field.
Magnets allow the motor to spin faster.
Using more increasing the voltagae makes the motor run faster.

1. The motor will keep moving in the same direction.
2. It will change and move to the opposite direction.
3. The commutator reverses the current in order to keep

the torque moving in the same direction. It’s important for the Motor to work, otherwise there will be no change of magnetic or electric fields and the motor won’t work.
4. The torque begins to increase till the armature is at an angle of 90 degrees with the shaft after which it becomes zero. Then as the angle increases the torque also increases till the angle becomes 270 degrees. At this point the armature will change its direction so the torque will become minimal and then slowly begins to increase. 5. The armature