Types Of David Essay

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Types of david
From the art historian to the everyday person; the sculpture of David creates discussion, debate and inspiration. These three artists have unique interpretation of David as expressed in art. This sculpture helps give a visual description to the story of David told in Samuel 1:17 of the Christian book, the Holy Bible.
Donatello's David is depicted as a young boy with feminine qualities and stands five feet tall with a sword. He is displayed with a relaxed stance, shifting his weight, as seen in the twisting of the torso and hand placement. The long hair of David highlights the time period. The hat hangs over David's face, giving him a mysterious expression. The sculptures body language and expression shows a sense of complativeness, sensuality, all factors highlighting how Donatello used this sculpture to perhaps move away from biblical representation. Donatello's statue is symbolic of heroism, freedom, and Humility.
In Michelangelo's David, he is carved from a single piece of marble. This artists decides to show David before he engages goliath-visible through the muscles in his right hand, neck and face with furrowed eyebrows, looking past to something unknown as he has more weight on his right leg. David is depicted as a youthful male rather than a boy, with masculine features and a muscular build, similar to that of a soldier. He holds a sling, not a sword. The size of the sculpture evokes a sense of calm before the battle. The facial expression and body