Why I Want To Become A Teacher

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I’ve always had an interest in becoming a teacher because, i love working with children and within a child care setting.
During primary school i was inspired by a teacher who always use to support me therefore, she had become my role model and i always us to look up to her and wanted to become a teacher myself.
I have previous experience working alongside children from the ages of 0-11 years, i have worked within a nursery setting and also in a primary school.
Working with children shows me they are able to achieve all their developments if they are making good progress throughout the year. I always had a passion of becoming a teacher because, seeing children learning and education them shows me they have the ability to make further progress.
I was always determined to go to university so, I will become a teacher and extend my knowledge in child care. When I had attended University of Wolverhampton on the first day it felt very welcoming because, the staff had done activities which allowed everyone within the room to interact and communicate with one another. This was a good idea because, everyone was in the same position we felt nervous and wasn’t very confident at beginning of the day, throughout the day I became confident so I was able to interact with others on the course and have a conversation.
When working in groups you get to work with people out of your comfort zone. This allows everyone to share their opinions when I have worked within a group throughout